I spent more than an hour on hold with them today, waiting to find out why they’re telling me again they’re going to seize my property.

“You told me I was in non-collectible status,” I said.

“That was for 2011. This is for 2009,” the agent informed me.

“Why would you assume I could come up with $6000 when I couldn’t pay a thousand?” I said.

“You have to talk to someone in another department,” she said.

Still waiting.

8 thoughts on “The IRS

  1. Working now, maybe it’s my browser. Anyway, just tell them you’re a Tea Party PAC. That’ll get them off your back . . . with an apology.

  2. You have to tick all the boxes. You can be in the same status, but you have to tick all the boxes. You didn’t tick all of them. There’s a box in another department that needs ticking.

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