Taking a stand!

Hey, pretend he’s a bank!

Barack Obama addressed what he described as the public “ruckus” over the leaked National Security Agency surveillance documents on Monday, indicating that the US authorities would pursue extradition from Hong Kong of the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

In his first public comments in 10 days about the NSA disclosures, Obama also said he had set an oversight board made up of independent citizens and the ordered the declassification of documents relating to surveillance to allow the public to see the broader context.

The president, who is attending the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, was speaking on PBS’s Charlie Rose programme. Asked about Snowden, who remains free in Hong Kong and who took part in an online Guardian Q&A on Monday, the president said: “The case has been referred to the DOJ for criminal investigation … and possible extradition. I will leave it up to them to answer those questions.”

Thanks, Ed Tayter.

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  1. The following is only a question and nothing more. Is it better to surrender yourself to the state for crucifixion or not? Fort Meade, Md., is the headquarters of the NSA. Bradley Manning is in jail and his trial is being held at Fort Meade. How interesting.

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