2 thoughts on “One step forward, two steps back

  1. Being kissed on the mouth and then rammed up the ass is what Obama’s administration has always been about. Great speechs to the 99% and then do what the 1% wants him to do. Lately the Black Voting Block has come unhinged. They are displaying a paranoid persecution complex. Now that the Left has had enough of Obama’s shit, the Black Voting Block is reverting back to its conservative political roots. They are defending the indefensible because “everybody is out to get the Black guy.” What rubbish.

  2. This is where we are so vulnerable. From a politician’s point of view, tightening up a bit on power plant emission standards while giving a go-ahead to the Keystone XL pipeline seems like a “fair” compromise.

    What we will see, however, in the not distant future, is that tipping points in the natural world do not compromise.

    The part about ‘might impose job-reducing costs on a fragile economy’ is nonsense. The atmosphere is a commons. The fossil fuel industry has had 250 years to dump their “externalities” into this commons for free. It is a vibrant environment that can give rise to a vibrant economy, not the other way around.

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