Life and death in the city


So I pulled into the Mickey D’s drive-in after I went to the gym; I figured I could grab an Egg McMuffin and take it to the Jiffy Lube while I got my oil changed.

But on the side of the parking lot, I see what appears to be a fight. Someone’s on the ground, and I pull my car over, ready to tell this crowd of people to get away from him.

That’s when I saw someone was performing CPR. The guy on the ground looked young (late teens? Early 20s?). I pulled out my phone and called 911. They said someone had already called it in. It was another five minutes before both an ambulance and a fire engine showed up, and by then, I was at the Jiffy Lube. I hope the kid made it. He was too young to die.

The city closed down some of the fire stations, the ambulances have to travel a lot farther now. This fucking city, this goddamned state with this Republican-controlled legislature: Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts! Bastards.

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