2 thoughts on “They steal our houses

  1. Damn Democratic Corporatists! Coddling these bastards.

    And, seriously, what the hell can we do?

    Merkins don’t even seem all that concerned about total wide scale spying on all their digital communications, including our credit cards. Even our envelopes, should we go old school.

    I don’t get it.

    Ticked off, big time, by Bush/Cheney doing it — now, under Obama, well, a pres has gotta do what a prez gotta do. Or some similar crap.


  2. I posted a while back that Citicorp was offering me a refinance under the auspices of the settlement deal, which is an abuse because I have about 60% equity in the house, no payment problems and solid credit. But they wanted to post my payments as modification compliance. So, I took up my slightly above market interest with my credit union and just today I took Cc out for a lower rate. I was feeling pretty good about that until I read this story and my cynicism kicked back in. How long before the credit union sells my refinanced mortgage to Bank of America? 3…2…1…

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