Harry’s making noises again

It remains to be seen if this is that one special time he doesn’t pull the football away:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) declared Thursday that Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “broke his word” when it comes to presidential nominations and kept the nuclear option on the table.

“Senator McConnell committed to end the constant Republican obstruction and return the Senate to a time when nominations were processed more efficiently,” he said. “Those were his commitments. Those were his promises. By any objective standard, they’ve been broken.”

A worked up McConnell responded shortly after, insisting that Republicans have been fair to President Obama’s nominees and vowing that Democrats will regret it if they change the rules with the nuclear option.

7 thoughts on “Harry’s making noises again

  1. The Republicans suck. By any measure. The 60 vote commandment only works when the minority is willing to make deals. That ain’t today.

  2. It’s all bullshit. They’re making noises about filibuster reform so they can ratify the secretive and vastly unpopular TPP and Trans-Atlantic trade deals to destroy labor, destroy regulation, destroy sovereignty, and destroy the environment with a sub-60 vote threshold. Also too, gutting Medicaid and stealing the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for tax refunds to Mitt Romney and General Electric. All bullshit.

  3. Mitch is upset about the all too remote possibility that Harry will steal his thunder before Mitch gets to be Majority Leader.

  4. He’s such a scappy fighter! I know, because the dems are always sending me emails about what a scrappy guy I have fighting for me in the senate. He doesn’t always win, and he mostly doesn’t even make it into the ring, but his emails are FEISTY, I tell ya!

  5. Or at least his unpaid interns’ mass emails are feisty.. well, they aren’t exactly feisty, but they are about feistiness… so I’m pretty sure they’ll stop calling him Mitch’s Bitch and take him seriously next time.

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