Class structure

I’ve been telling people for years that Obama sees himself as the person leading a peaceful transition into a Third World economy. (They are always shocked and think I’m some kind of nut, and possibly a racist.) I think he believes it’s for the “best,” that America simply “can’t compete” with the rest of the world unless wages come down — way, way down. I think he’s listened very, very closely to the wealthy wise men who have mentored and guided him all along and believes he’s doing the right thing.

I also think he’s a paternalistic, condescending plutocrat-in-training who doesn’t believe we should be trusted with that kind of information.

So yeah, we’re all plebes now.

2 thoughts on “Class structure

  1. Obama’s inability to make an independent decision on any given issue (whether by design or not) is one of his most attractive qualities. The presidency has become irrelevant for the 99%. That office now belongs to the 1%. Both the House and the Senate were corrupted and captured by the 1% decades ago. The United States was set up to be run ‘by’ and ‘for’ the 99%. That’s according to the Constitution. The House, the Senate, and the presidency were meant to be tautological. Teaching tools. And nothing more.

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