Lester Chambers attacked

The attack happens at 4:18.

I was at a party with the Chambers Brothers once. They were really nice guys:

Hours before George Zimmerman walked free in his second-degree murder trial, a white woman assaulted soul singer Lester Chambers for dedicating a song to Trayvon Martin. The woman identified as 43-year-old Dinalynn Andrews Potter jumped the stage, reportedly yelling “it’s all your fault,” right before she hit the 73-year-old singer.

A fellow musician Kurt Crowbar Kangas posted on Facebook that Chambers “went down hard” and the woman “was subdued by Police and taken away while the para-medics came and took him to a local Hospital.” He sustained an “8 [inch] scratch in the kidney area of his back and it’s starting to swell.”

3 thoughts on “Lester Chambers attacked

  1. Okay, so we can skip the fifth degree assault charges. It wasn’t racial. Chambers threatened her with a mike stand and she defended herself. Now issue her that concealed carry permit, because the whole black community is out to get her.

  2. Attacking someone singing ‘People get Ready’ – for the old Chambers Bro’s it was a standard – I think they really are gonna miss that old train, ‘there ain’t no room for the hopeless sinner, who would hurt all mankind just to save his own’. And she wasn’t saving anything, anyway. How could you carry so much fear around with you, especially when listening to that song? It’s a song about peace, about dying in the faith and living in it, too. People having that much fear in their lives are already in hell. So is GZ.

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