4 thoughts on “If you ever doubted

  1. Corporate Fascism is a beautiful thing. There are massive protests going on in Egypt today. Yet barely a word about them in the corporate media. Censorship in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Omission and commission.

  2. If you read the article cited, also read the comments. Amusing that the commenters know exactly what’s going on with this absurd example of WP “journalism.” We don’t need no stinkin’ Congress.

  3. “Whatever the corporations want, the corporations should get.” It’s just easier that way. Because the Washington Post said so.

  4. I believe it was Calvin Coolidge who said “the business of this country is business”. If either of these treaties is enacted, what was once a thing called “the United States of America” will be a totally empty shell – nothing more than a ‘brand name’ providing cover for total Corporate rule.

    Any last vestige of a democratic republic will be gone.

    We may find ourselves with some strange bedfellows in the near future. Possibly, some segment of the crowd that hates the idea of the United Nations taking over the world and doing away with sovereign rule by the U.S. within the U.S., might actually join us in some alliance to prevent Corporations from doing exactly the same thing.

    Incredible WPost article – the whole tone reeks of “eeewww, this democracy stuff is SOOOO icky”- can’t we get just approve these treaties by whatever underhanded method so the great day comes when Corporations rule everything?”

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