2 thoughts on “The great pension scare

  1. It’s just the 1% (Capitalists) working their will. As Prime Minister (1977-1983) Menachem Begin, a Zionist terrorist, destroyed the Israeli dream. In the same way that the warmongering presidency of Ronald Raegan (1881-1989) accelerated the destruction of the American Dream. The 1% loves both men. “Free man/woman” is not the goal of the Capitalists (1%). Their goal is the opposite.

  2. We can end these scares. Give pensions the treatment in bankruptcy that we accord to student loans. The underfunding of state and local pensions is malicious and political. The bind is the same one that is being visited on the Post Office for the like reason. Retirement is the class warfare issue that is eventually going to blow up. The only question is does it take out one party or both?

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