Cenk: ‘It’s over’

Cenk Uygur:

No one can claim President Barack Obama is a progressive if Larry Summers ends up at the Federal Reserve, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks said on Thursday.

“If he appoints Larry Summers it is over,” he remarked. “There is no one that can make the case that President Obama is actually a progressive at heart. ‘Oh, wait for the second term. In the second term he’ll be really progressive.’ Then why would he take the guy most responsible for deregulation, for agreeing with the Republicans, for giving the banks everything they wanted and give him the most powerful position? Because he’s not a progressive.

“If Larry Summers is appointed, it’s the final nail in that coffin. No one in their right mind could call President Obama a progressive.”

2 thoughts on “Cenk: ‘It’s over’

  1. Obama is a social progressive. He is an economic and military conservative. That’s what the 1% wants. And that’s what the 1% will get in Hillary. Remember the fascists are running things.

  2. Again, what and how strong is the NSA effect? Even given that Obama is a Corporatist in good standing, surely having the right information to use against him would make him an even more regressive Corporatist, no?

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