3 thoughts on “Clinton rage

  1. Hillary ‘is’ the right wing. She has been since her days as a “Goldwater Girl.” Throwing a few barbs in the direction of some insignificant issue does not a fighter make. But it does make good theater for the low-information voter. Hillary voted for the Iraq War. Hillary supported and voted for the Patriot Act. Hillary wanted Obama to send twice as many troops into Afghanistan as he ended up sending. Hillary pushed for and supported the violent overthrow of Libya’s leader. Hillary wanted the U.S. to intervene militarily in Syria. Hillary wanted Obama to support Mubark against the “revolutionaries” in the Egyptian street. Hillary did nothing to solve the Israel/Palestine issue. Hillary is an interventionist. She likes war. On domestic issues she’s a free market Capitalist. Meaning she doesn’t understand economics or our economy. Then there’s the gender issue.

  2. Excuse me – gender issue? What is that exactly Imhotep? Would you have laid on a tirade like that about Obama? I doubt it. The issues are mostly yours pal.

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