How about some mandatory safety classes and liability insurance…

I hate reading stories about little kids getting their hands on weapons.

A 4-year-old boy died in Michigan on Sunday evening after obtaining a handgun and shooting himself in the head, according to police.

Dundee police responded at around 4:15 p.m. on Sunday to a 911 call reporting that a child had shot himself.

Personnel from the Monroe County Ambulance and Dundee Volunteer Fire Department attempted to save the boy in the front bedroom of the house before transporting him to St. Joseph Hospital in Ann Arbor. He was pronounced dead at 5 p.m…..

A family friend who was living at the home with the father of the boy was arrested in connection with the shooting.

The 30-year-old man was charged with manslaughter with gross negligence. He was being held at the Monroe County Jail. An arraignment was scheduled for Monday.

I live in the gun laden South and I don’t have any real strong fears about guns, but, really would it be too much to require gun owners to have some mandatory gun training and some liability insurance, because some of them do not seem to have any common sense.

Some may say these are isolated incidents, but, here is a taste of some idiocy in Tennessee last week.

The owner of a Memphis cookie store inside a shopping mall where no guns are allowed chased three thieves who stole $45 from his cash register with a 9mm, firing shots into the air as he did so. Now he may lose his lease:

The signs on the doors of Southland Mall warn no guns allowed inside.

That includes everyone, even tenants who lease space in the mall.

Still, the owner of a cookie store inside the mall brought one to work anyway and used it.

“Bringing a gun and then pulling it out in front of a bunch of people that’s setting a bad example for your company,” said Phil Ross of Memphis.

The police report says three guys grabbed $45 out of the cash register.

They reportedly never produced a gun, but according to the police report, the store owner did…..

A McMinnville man has been arrested after firing a gun to scare off a community softball league he’s been feuding with:

According to the incident report, participants of the game said 49-year-old Herbert Crockett Conley, who they said complained to league officials for months about softballs being hit on his property, heard several gunshots being fired from his home.

Softball league officials explained once they heard the gunshots, nearly 150 adults and children quickly sought shelter at a neighboring community center, fearing for their lives.

No, I do not believe all gun owners are idiots or irresponsible and, maybe, mandatory training and insurance might not stop idiots like this from doing really stupid things. But, it might help those who get hurt and, hopefully, some of the idiot might be a little more mindful that they are, in fact, in charge of that weapon.


2 thoughts on “How about some mandatory safety classes and liability insurance…

  1. Two observations about “insuring” firearms. Insurance really doesn’t appear to have improved driving much and the worst who get cancelled out just keep on driving. More to the point, insurers will not write coverage for intentional acts. Way too many of these shootings would be excluded.

  2. We live in a world of idiots.
    “ ‘Bringing a gun and then pulling it out in front of a bunch of people that’s setting a bad example for your company,’ said Phil Ross of Memphis.”
    No, retard, you don’t want guns in a mall because …

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