Oh dear, don’t they know who Jamie Dimon is?

Jamie Dimon will stomp his feet and hold his breath so he doesn’t have to!

US authorities are demanding JPMorgan Chase pay more than $6bn to settle allegations it mis-sold securities to government-backed mortgage companies in the run-up to the financial crisis, according to people familiar with the discussions.

The bank is resisting the payment, which would be its single biggest penalty in a catalogue of expensive run-ins with US authorities and one of the largest post-crisis settlements by any bank, these people said.

It dwarfs the amount that JPMorgan is expected to pay to settle regulatory action over its “London whale” trading scandal and exceeds the penalties for its alleged manipulation of commodities markets.

2 thoughts on “Oh dear, don’t they know who Jamie Dimon is?

  1. Agreed. Fuck $6bn. What’s that, a couple of year’s bonuses for Dimon? I want to see 30 year sentences for the “Fraudsters of Industry.”

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