So why is Obama changing the date and size of first CIA death squads to enter Syria?

Okay, now this gets interesting. Obama claimed only the first group of 50 were entering, while Le Figaro claimed there were two groups, with the first one being 300 and the second one not specified by size. Further, note the dates and location: they entered on August 17 and 19 and they passed through Ghouta. The large number of deaths from a suspected chemical warfare agent occurred on August 21 in Ghouta. In fact, the second paragraph of the Jerusalem Post article notes:

Le Figaro reported that this is the reason behind the Assad regime’s alleged chemical weapons attack in Damascus on Wednesday morning, as UN inspectors were allowed into the country to investigate allegations of WMD use.

Were these first groups of CIA-trained death squad members the target of the attack? Or could it be even worse than that? Vladimir Putin had some very interesting things to say in a wide-ranging interview today, but this bit stands out in relation to the death squad story:

“If it is determined that these rebels used weapons of mass destruction, what will the United States do with the rebels?” Mr. Putin asked. “What will the sponsors of the rebels do? Stop the supply of arms? Will they start fighting against the rebels?”

Whether they were the targets of an attack by Assad’s forces or whether they were the agents carrying out a false flag attack, US-trained death squads could well be at the center of the disputed use of chemical weapons. That would seem to be both a strong incentive and a huge tell for Obama to change both the date and the size of the entry of the first of these agents trained by the US. After all, even while reporting Obama’s leak to McCain and Graham on Monday, the New York Times noted that the training program is covert.

Except that it’s not just the US training them. Going back to the Jerusalem Post article:

The rebels were trained for several months in a training camp on the Jordanian-Syrian border by CIA operatives, as well as Jordanian and Israeli commandos, the paper said.

Oh my. That’s quite the international faculty for this training program. What new wonders await us as more graduates of the program pour into Syria?

I think we have sufficient reason to question the official version of events.

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  1. Those CIA operatives got the Sarin gas and rockets from Prince Bandar. And now for the Democratic Party. It is at war with itself over Obama’s proposed illegal war with Syria. 46% of Democrats want nothing to to with his war. 46% of Democrats (people like Hillary and Dean) support Obama’s war to “save face” and for Obama “not be crippled politically for the next 36 months in office.” In short the Democratic Left is battling the Democratic neo-con, warmongering, Right over who’s correct about War and Peace. Bye, bye Mr. Obama.

  2. That’s not good, is it? That there may be a not insignificant chance that we are going to war largely to cover the tracks of a group of “our side” commandos who got things kind of wrong.

    We will never find out the truth. But this is one of those cases where you kind of hope there is a special place in Hell to sort things out in the end to those who deserve it.

  3. I’ve had this sneaking suspicion that this was a foreign based Northwoods operation, intended to get the US into open warfare and do what the Saudis, emirates, and Israelis could not accomplish.

    False flag operation, designed to kill many (but also have rebels involved in the kabuki theater of, especially, dead children. Oh, the children!!!

    That’s the real emotional hook.

    So far, lots of US folks not buying into it. Too many wars in too many nations in too few years.

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