3 thoughts on “Humanitarian intervention

  1. The very same people who falsely sold us the illegal war in Iraq, are now trying to sell us on a war in Syria. For the historical record it might be worthwhile to list a few of them. Some of these Zionists (AIPAC) are: Eliot Engel……Diane Feinstein……Tom Friedman……Eric Cantor……Carl Levin…….Bill Kristol……Jane Harmon…..Robert Zarate (FPI)…….Dan Senor…..Marc Ginsberg……Ken Adelson…..John Bolton…..John McCain…..Hillary Clinton. These interventionist warmongers (neo-con Democrats and Republicans) lied us into a criminal war with Iraq and are now demanding that we go to war with Syria on false pretenses. They will soon attempt to frighten us into going to war with Iran.

  2. For what it’s worth (zero) Bolton is opposed this time.

    Susie: A+ Valuable historical perspective! And then there is this:http://rt.com/news/sarin-gas-turkey-al-nusra-021/

    To some extent our fixation with the puppet Bush and Darth Cheney is myopic. We have learned nothing since the Bay of Pigs. And while we continue to embargo Cuba, John Kerry is now trumpeting the support of the dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and Qatar for an attack on Assad.

    IMHO: The deep state would answer your last statement that bombing Syria is meant to stop Iran and prevent a war. While rational minds would worry that Iran’s insurance policy for its survival against America, Israel and Saudi Arabia is to build a nuclear deterrent.

  3. No he is not. What Bolton is opposed to is a “small, targeted strike” which allows Assad to remain in power. The neo-cons including Bolton wants Assad out of power period. The Zionist mime is that Iran wants to possess a nuclear weapon as an “insurance policy for its survival against America, Saudi Arabia and Israel.” Why would Iran use a nuclear bomb to defend itself when they know full well that if they did several nuclear bombs would be headed their way? They would become a giant hole in the ground within minutes. The Zionist (neo-con) argument is foolish. Unless your suicidal by nature. (Oh, wait… there is that incident at Masada.) You attack with nuclear weapons like at Hiroshima. You do not defend with them. But, then the Zionists and their supporters have never been known to be all that honest.

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