Warren: SCOTUS ‘too far right’


Our girl’s gonna get herself killed if she keeps giving speeches like this:

LOS ANGELES – Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka denounced the United States Supreme Court on Sunday as a right-wing panel that serves the interests of corporate America, previewing a theme that is likely to rise in prominence with the approach of the 2016 election.

On the opening day of the AFL-CIO’s convention, Warren – the highest-profile national Democrat to address the gathering here – warned attendees of a “corporate capture of the federal courts.”

In a speech that voiced a range of widely held frustrations on the left, Warren assailed the Court as an instrument of the wealthy that regularly sides with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. She cited an academic study that called the current Supreme Court’s five conservative-leaning justices among the “top 10 most pro-corporate justices in half a century.”

“You follow this pro-corporate trend to its logical conclusion, and sooner or later you’ll end up with a Supreme Court that functions as a wholly owned subsidiary of big business,” Warren said, drawing murmurs from the crowd.

[…] Warren drew some of the loudest applause of her precisely worded, sharply enunciated speech with a statement of skepticism about upcoming trade deals – debates that may pit big labor and liberal members of the Senate against the Obama administration.

“Wall Street, pharmaceuticals, telecom, big polluters and outsourcers are all salivating at the chance to rig upcoming trade deals in their favor,” Warren said. “I’ve heard people actually say that [trade deals] have to be secret because if the American people knew what was going on, they would be opposed.”

She continued: “I believe that if people would be opposed to a particular trade agreement, then that trade agreement should not happen.”

If the overall tone of Warren’s speech was relatively grim – not the kind of podium-pounding, emotive address that brings crowds to their feet – she closed with a riff that drew a standing ovation, proclaiming to the audience the good news that they have an electoral mandate to enact their agenda.

“I am proud to stand with you, to march with you, to fight with you,” she said. “Our agenda is America’s agenda and if we fight for it, we win.”

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6 thoughts on “Warren: SCOTUS ‘too far right’

  1. “…denounced the United States Supreme Court on Sunday as a right-wing panel that serves the interests of corporate America, previewing a theme that is likely to rise in prominence with the approach of the 2016 election…”

    Ummm…And which of the major parties is going to allow that theme to rise in prominence as a major issue in 2016 elections?

    That’s right. Neither one. Both major parties will see that this issue gets buried, because they want the Courts to serve and advance the issues of Corporate (well, I was going to say ‘America’, but that’s not really the extent of it anymore, is it?).

    To get this issue heard, the small progressive wing of the Democratic party – probably no more than 20% of the total party – is going to have to break off and go their own way. Maybe join up with the Greens or some true Libertarian organization (as opposed to most Libertarians who are dyed-in-the-wool Republicans, but just think Libertarian is a cooler name).

    And that would be a good development for all of us. Forget that nonsense that maybe, just maybe, liberal forces can take over the Democratic party the way conservative forces totally dominate the Republicans. Never going to happen.

    A third way, and then maybe a fourth and fifth way, is the only way.

  2. The Democrats and the Republicans are the ‘only’ game in town. Working from the outside—breaking away to join the Green Party—-is an exercise in futility. Blowing up both the existing Democratic and Republican Party’s, on the other hand, will bear fruit. Every buddy holding any elected office should be voted out in November 2014. Save for Allen Grayson and a very, very few others. We can call it “The Day of the Long Knives.”

  3. I’m all in for Day of the Long Knives (‘cept we need Bernie Sanders to stay in there as long as he will)!

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