2 thoughts on “‘I’d like you to put me out of business’

  1. It’s been awhile since Imho has veered off course. The good doctor is correct. But, why was Israel the first place that Kerry went after reaching the Syrian chemical weapons deal with Russia? How curious? If Kerry went to Israel to demand that Netanyahu admit to the world that Israel has a massive chemical and biological weapons arsenal that would be good. A next step would be for Israel to sign onto the Biological and Chemical Weapons Convention of 1972 and the Geneva Protocols of 1925. Israel has repeatedly refused to do that. Israel must also agree to destroy is entire chemical and biological weapons stockpile. After all those are the steps that Syria has agreed to. The use of White Phosphorus is banned by both the Convention and the Protocols and its use is a war crime. Israel has used this weapon on several occasions.

  2. As sincere as the good Doctor was, this country doesn’t give a damn about shooting rampages. Gun control was defeated after Newtown and just recently, in two majority Democratic districts, in Colorado there weren’t enough people to keep the Gun control representatives from being thrown out! And, the Pro Gun control folks out spent the NRA. So, save me the crocodile tears.

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