So the Affordable Care Act pays trained specialists to help you untangle the various health plans on offer.

Naturally, the same states dominated by RWNJs who are yelling loudly about how confusing Obamacare is, are trying to prevent them from doing their job. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, well.

I did find out something that cheered me up about Obamacare yesterday: If you’re working poor (like me), not only are your premiums subsidized, your deductibles are, as well! So that’s a relief. Mine will probably (fingers crossed) be limited to $1000 out of pocket — which ain’t bad if you have a serious medical problem.

2 thoughts on “Navigators

  1. Everyone knows that the ACA is a piece of crap. Which is why the Republicans wanted to kill it yesterday and want to delay it by 1 year today. Afterall it’s a Republican free market health care program passed by Mitt Romney in Massachusatts. Are there good things in it? Sure. But overall it’s unworkable, limited, and expensive. Just as it was designed to be by the 1%. Some Democrats think that once the public discovers how crappy the ACA actually is they will rise up in righteous indignation and demand that a single-payer universal health care system be put in its place. It’s more likely that what the public will get to replace the ACA is nothing. No plan. Zilch. Such are the ways of the 1% and their flunkies in the Democratic and Republican parties.

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