4 thoughts on “Ransom demands

  1. Boehner smells shutdown. This menu is designed for Obama to shop an item he will negotiate. Failing that it gets them out of “the sky is falling” terrain where they have voted forty times to repeal the ACA onto a broader based platform for shutting down. Obama wouldn’t negotiate on fixing the deficit or any of this other stuff, so we had to stand our ground.

  2. Wouldn’t negotiate on the ‘debt ceiling’. Obama and his Republican pals have already cut the ‘deficit’ by 50% since he took office. (Which is why poor folks are now eating dirt.) Let’s talk about ACA subsidies for health insurance for a moment. (Susie talked about them a few days ago.) Economists on the Left, in the Middle, and on the Right all agree that those subsidies will cost taxpayers $48 billion dollars in 2014. That number will rise to $98 billion dollars each year in short order. Which means that we, the taxpayers, will be paying health insurance companies, NOT doctors or hospitals, more then $1 trillion dollars over the next 10 years in tax dollars. And that, my friends, is how the “free market” works in a Capitalist economic system. Yeah, for the ACA.

  3. I keep asking anybody who will listen, why would Obama sign the Sequester so it takes effect. But I love that: “Obama becomes a Republican”. His latest budget had the chained CPI in it, and most people who are knowledgeable about it say that that part on Social Security is to the right of Paul Ryan’s budget. It’s kabuki pure and simple, or Kayfab, as some online have called it. And Think Progress is coach to one of the sides, both of which are working to do the same thing: enrich their corporatist puppeteers. What did Cornell West call Obama, oh yes “A Rockerfeller Republican in black face”. I remember Nelson Rockerfeller and Obama is to the right of him IMO.

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