Blogging is like plumbing


Bloggers wade into the shit on your behalf. Unless you do it yourself, you don’t understand what it does to be steeped in excrement all the time. You just can’t imagine it. Your brain never shuts off, you’re always scanning and always trying to calculate what’s going on. Then you have to write about it.

There’s an effect on the psyche, too. A slow-simmering cynicism that extends to the rest of the world, an impatience with those who (through no real fault of their own, because who has time to dig up all this crap?) have deeply uninformed opinions. I literally cannot listen to those people anymore — which makes it difficult to socialize.

This is why I no longer feel reticent about asking you to support this blog. It’s disgusting, depressing work. Any contributions are greatly appreciated, because at least I can pay the bills while I do it.

3 thoughts on “Blogging is like plumbing

  1. Shitty job or not, you chose it, Suze. And what the hell did we ever do to survive the political maze of BS before you arrived in, what, ’04? I luv you, but I ain’t sympathetic. Blog on till you go nuts if you wish! Your choice, not mine.

  2. Yeah, Susie, remember when you chose to quit your job because you wanted to spend your days mired in the crimes committed by the relentless, ruthless owners of this country? Remember when you said to yourself, “Reading and writing about bad news every day is going to be way more fun than a regular paycheck. Seeing crimes against the defenseless go unpunished daily and being unable to turn away from it won’t be bad for my psyche at all and will be way more entertaining than having health insurance through my employer.”? Remember when you chose that?

    I did what you do on a much smaller scale for a much shorter time, and after a while, I couldn’t stand it. You are absolutely right: Unless you’ve done it, you don’t know what it’s like.

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