Good, I guess

Passing these bills would decrease Democratic leverage:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama would veto any “piecemeal” legislation that would restore funding only to certain parts of the government like national parks, veterans programs and the District of Columbia rather than a broad federal spending bill, the White House said on Tuesday.

“These piecemeal efforts are not serious, and they are no way to run a government,” spokeswoman Amy Brundage said in a statement, noting that the White House wants the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to pass a bill that would continue funding the federal government without any unrelated policy measures attached.

“The president and the Senate have been clear that they won’t accept this kind of game-playing, and if these bills were to come to the president’s desk, he would veto them,” she said.

2 thoughts on “Good, I guess

  1. That doesn’t sound very coherent when you have just signed a special appropriation into law for military pay.

  2. Nothing that the politicians in Washington do is coherent. Well, except for one thing. They coherently take millions of dollars from the 1% to do their bidding. And that’s what will pass for represntative government for as long as the 99% takes it. At least that part of the 99% who are not Libertarian Republicans and T-baggers.

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