The only state that stopped welfare payments

Why are conservatives so mean?

Arizona’s decision to withhold welfare checks because of the federal government shutdown appears to make it the only state to cut off funding for the very poor because of the budget crisis, according to policy experts.

The state stopped payments averaging $207 a week to 5,200 families eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families after Tuesday’s government shutdown. TANF provides cash assistance and other support to low-income children and their parents.

The Arizona Republic reports the decision came despite assurances from federal officials that states would be reimbursed for any payments they made for the federal program. It also comes as the state sits on a $450 million rainy day fund.

2 thoughts on “The only state that stopped welfare payments

  1. It is one of my few remaining articles of faith that you can’t forever be attacking constituencies. They have mined this savagery for every vote they can get already. But they just keep plying enemy politics. The forty seven percent, public employees, food stamp recipients, retirees, the uninsured… the list just keeps growing. They don’t all have to turn on you, just a few can become the margin of electoral loss.

  2. Actually, you can attack various constituencies you deem to be political opponents forever if you

    a.) see an end for the need for elections coming up on the horizon


    b.) see an end for any need to worry about the outcome of elections coming up on the horizon

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