* McAuliffe won VA, but not by much. If you live there, the chances of a SWAT team entering your bedroom to make sure you’re not doing anything illegal while you’re having sex just went down considerably.

* Leftist Bill DeBlasio absolutely crushed it. Won every single demographic by HUGE margins, which tells me Gov. Cuomo will have to help him with those tax raises.

* In Alabama’s 1st District special election, the corporate Republican beat the teabagging challenger.

* Christie won by 10 or more points (which will make him even more unbearable. Click here to read why), and the media types are creaming their jeans. Why the hell do people fall for these con men? Oh well, at least the increase in the state minimum wage won.

* Illinois is the newest state to pass same-sex marriage.

* Portland, Maine legalizes pot.

* Colorado taxes pot for school funding.

* SeaTac, WA minimum wage goes to $15. Great progressive victory!

* Controversial school “reformers” lost control of the school board in Bridgeport CT in a closely watched race.

Except for Buono’s race, it was mostly a good night for our side. Very happy about the minimum wage bills that passed!

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