I’m not surprised that it happened (after all, power corrupts). I’m surprised that he was actually charged:

PHILADELPHIA – November 26, 2013 (WPVI) — Action News has learned the former chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee is in police custody in connection with a sexual assault investigation.

Robert Kerns is facing sex charges and a drug charge related to an alleged assault that happened October 25th.

More details on Kerns’ arrest were expected at a news conference later Tuesday.

Kerns resigned as the chairman of Montgomery County’s Republican Committee back on November 14th amid reports that an investigation was underway.

At the time, the executive director of the committee said in a statement the committee had “no comment on media reports related to a possible criminal investigation of Mr. Kerns unrelated to his duties as chairman.”

Kerns is also a lawyer and a partner at Kerns, Pearlstine, Onorato and Hladi.

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  1. Clearly Mr. Kerns’ sins were unrelated to his sex crimes and drug use. He must have pissed off some mover and shaker in his political orbit. Perhaps Kerns’ was selfish and didn’t include the guy in his sexcapades and crack party?

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