It’s all your fault

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No such thing as systemic problems, it’s all about character flaws:

Whether you’re rich or poor, Republicans believe that’s on you.

Findings released Thursday by Pew showed that most Republicans think rich people are largely responsible for their socioeconomic status. They also feel the same way about poor people.

Fifty-seven percent of GOP voters said that a person is rich because “he or she worked harder than others,” while just 32 percent attribute it to advantages they enjoyed. The results are almost completely flipped among Democrats.

Overall, 51 percent of Americans said that people are wealthy due to advantages in life, while 38 percent said it had more to do with hard work.

5 thoughts on “It’s all your fault

  1. The Horatio Alger myth or how the poorest person on earth can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and become the wealthest person on earth utilizing the principles of Capitalism. Is it possible? Hell, anything is possible. Winning Warren Buffet’s basketball bracket pool is possible. But either one of these things happening is a real long shot. Unless you have inside information of course.

  2. That can’t be. I watch Fox and know that everything I don’t have is because of the government. Especially the president.

  3. You’re right Bob. The 1% and their army of right wing, racist, bigots including the talking heads at FOX have been telling us for years that the “black man” was eventually going to take all of “whitey’s ” stuff. And damned if it hasn’t happened now that Obama is in the “White House.” Damn communist.

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