Rape and pillage in Detroit

Red Wings vs. Blackhawks NHL hockey game

I’m beginning to wonder if our country is too corrupt to save:

Back in December, Pando reported on how Michigan and Detroit officials were simultaneously pleading poverty to justify cuts to municipal workers’ average $19,000-a-year pensions all while promising to keep spending taxpayer cash on a new professional hockey stadium. Now, the Detroit Free Press reports that on top of the money taxpayers spent to finance the stadium and to give the Red Wings a rent-free stadium, the deal will mean a loss of “$7 million in revenue the city received annually from the team’s home games.” Under the agreement, the newspaper reports the Illitch family that owns the Red Wings “will no longer have to share 10% of ticket proceeds, 7% of suite sales, 10% of food and beverage concessions, 5% of souvenir sales and other revenue from parking.” The Free Press adds that “all of that money would belong to the Ilitches.”

2 thoughts on “Rape and pillage in Detroit

  1. I hate sports but Imma guess – tickets to Red Wings games are too expensive for retired city workers to afford to buy.

    It’s a wonder anyone supports the team.

  2. “…Too corrupt to save?…”

    Come to think of it, yes. Which is why I think in the not too distant future, various regions are going to start seceding, breaking off, and going their own ways.

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