Nodding off

This is the second one of these videos I’ve seen in the past week or so. Mom starts nodding off (from heroin, most likely) while her child goes unattended. The other video had a baby in the stroller – mom nodded off standing up). Oy.

One thought on “Nodding off

  1. Jesus. What do you do? I’ve seen people nodding off on the subway, but that strongly resembles the effects of heroin or a similar opioid. Granted, I’ve only seen that almost-not-breathing torpor in documentaries, but it’s unmistakable. Maybe she got an unusually strong dose and took more than she’d anticipated. Like snorting a 1000 mg when she’s used to 500 mg.

    Do you call the cops? Ask the little girl for grandma’s phone number? An ambulance in case she OD’s?

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