The case for reparations

Cotton Boll

I’m all for it. Always have been. I think it’s a little strange that so many white people get all foamy at the mouth about it, because we have exploited black Americans in a way that far exceeds what was done to anyone else. Just go read Te-Nehisi Coates.

5 thoughts on “The case for reparations

  1. Do you suppose that Israeli Jews would embrace reparations for the Palestinians? If not then I don’t see American Jews supporting reparations for Blacks or Indians. Then again, hypocrisy is wide spread these days.

  2. Far worse than exploitation of Native Americans?
    You want reparations? Begin with honoring the Treaties (sic) that we are still in violation of everyday.

  3. There is no such thing as ‘reparations’ for ANY race or ethnic group in this country, or any other for that matter. Reparations is an idea first proposed by the dogmas of the Christian religions and Bible writers: there’s a place called ‘Heaven’ or ‘Nirvana’ where we’ll all receive our so-called ‘reparations’. Don’t count on any give-backs while you’re here on earth and still breathing. Remember that all the ‘Good Books’ reveal something about ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’, one of which is GREED. GREED is only a ‘deadly sin’ for us poor motherfuckers who can’t afford to BE greedy! No, look for reparations from your buddy who might owe you a buck or two from some beers—not here!

  4. The accounting on the historical part of the bill is pretty much impossible. How are you going to evaluate the price of dead people’s broken lives?

    Reparations for the cost of current bigotry would be well worth doing, but it should include all people at the pointed end of bigotry, right? Native Americans is one big group. And then there’s the elephant in the room: women. Also, poor people generally, of whatever race or gender. Also …

    somehow I get the feeling Ta-Nehisi Coates didn’t think it through very well.

  5. Few people think anything through. Thoroughly. Most people stop their analysis at the point where the results benefit them. And so the occupation and killing continues in the West Bank and Gaza. Guilt. We’re all guilty. Always have been.

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