3 thoughts on “RWNJ talking point bites the dust

  1. “Part of the reason.” Another part of the reason—a big part—was that the CIA was conducting some very dirty business out of its Black Ops site at that location. Why was our ambassador at that location at that time? It was a lot safer in Tripoli on 9-11-2012? Why do they keep sending Susan Rice out to lie when these ‘big’ events happen? Just exactly who’s running Libya these days? Why do we have 5000 ‘operatives’ in the largest embassy in the world in Iraq? Why are Israel and Hamas about to go to war? Why is Clinton so stupid that she believes that she can actually become the next president?

  2. They will ignore it. When the NYT interviewed him in October 2012 (one month after the attack) he said that “the attack had grown out of a peaceful protest against a video made in the United States that mocked the Prophet Muhammad and Islam. ” He also told the NYT that “not a member of Al Qaeda” although he sympathized with the group.

    That was reported 1.5 years ago, before countless Darrel Issa hearings and endless hours on Fox News dedicated to Benghazi!(tm). They all ignored what Khattala actually said.

  3. They’ll ignore it, as we should, because it’s a very small element in all of this. They will also ignore the fact that the real cause of all of this is U.S. foreign policy. All U.S. foreign policy. Obama, to his credit, has recently begun to change that foreign policy. To act in a more peaceful manner. Which is really pisssing off the oligarchy (1%). Hence the Rights call for his impeachment.

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