‘Brutally honest’ with the Vatican


Not at all surprised that no one’s paying attention to the church on sex. Is anyone?

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican conceded Thursday that most Catholics reject its teachings on sex and contraception as intrusive and irrelevant and officials pledged not to “close our eyes to anything” when it opens a two-year debate on some of the thorniest issues facing the church.

Core church doctrine on the nature of marriage, sexuality, abortion and divorce isn’t expected to change as a result of the debate that opens in October. But Pope Francis is well aware that the church has lost much of its relevance and credibility in today’s secular world and he is seeking to redirect his ministers to offer families, and even gays in civil unions, a “new language” that is welcoming and responds to their needs.

The Vatican on Thursday issued the working document for the synod discussions, which in itself marked a sharp change from past practice: The Vatican sent out a 39-point questionnaire seeking input from ordinary Catholics around the world about their understanding of, and adherence to, the church’s teaching on sexuality, homosexuality, contraception, marriage and divorce.

Thousands of ordinary Catholics, clergy and academics responded, providing the Vatican with an unprecedented compilation of grass-root data to guide the discussion. Usually, such working papers are compiled by bishops alone.

The responses, which were summarized in the working document, were brutally honest.

“A vast majority” of responses stressed that “the moral evaluation of the different methods of birth control is commonly perceived today as an intrusion in the intimate life of the couple and an encroachment on the autonomy of conscience,” the document said.

“Many responses recommend that for many Catholics the concept of ‘responsible parenthood’ encompasses the shared responsibility in conscience to choose the most appropriate method of birth control.”

4 thoughts on “‘Brutally honest’ with the Vatican

  1. Why should the flock listen to the Church on sexual matters including reproductive rights when priests molest children? This Pope is trying to save the Catholic Church from ruination. It’s far too late for that.

  2. The Church is a lot smaller than it used to be, but it’s still a big ship. And if they really followed the principles they preached — the Church could do a lot more good in this world. So, is the ship turning? Yes! But there’s a long way to go before it’s even pointed in the right direction. I’ll be cheering it on.

    From a distance, for now.

  3. Pope also came out against medical and recreational pot. Same arguments could be used against tobacco and alcohol, if not even more cogently. Yet ge did not giv his apostolic blessing to their prohibition. Hypocrisy, thy name is Whore of Babylon.

  4. Moreover, you cannot find anywhere in the Bible nor anywhere in the early Church fathers any prohibition on contraceptive measures. And yes, the Romans had some.

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