2 thoughts on “Happy Hour: Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker – A Night In Tunisia…

  1. What did we learn from Kerry’s appearance before the Senate today? Two very important things. 1)………to be continued

  2. Oh puh-leez! The chastising, critical, nose-in-the-air caller at the end of your hour on Mark’s show today was unfortunate. That bit about the political thought short bus was hysterical. You can’t stop comic relief, and we need to laugh because so many things are so out of our control! She said it made Mark sound like an “idiot” which is the very name people used to use for the group she so properly defended. Her uptight self claimed that kind of talk hurt “the cause”. IMO, the cause is dirty and messy and caustic and ugly and to focus on pc and language is a ridiculous waste of everyone’s time. We can move past ‘bad jokes’ without the lecture. Sheesh. You two were so cute when the self-appointed censor dropped in; you apologized, but I was still laughing. OK, it was an uncomfortable laugh, but I was so glad you guys let that guy go on, Susie. Mark’s discomfort made it great radio. Thanks.

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