2 thoughts on “Pretending to be HONY…

  1. Or: Humans of the Middle East. The civil war in Syria was inspired, funded, and provoked by the CIA and supported by Hillary’s State Department. ISIS and the regional war now taking place in the ME are a direct result of our meddling in Syria. Our neo-con, hawk, interventionist, Zionist driven foreign policy is what has created this mess. Instead of accepting the responsibility for their repeated mistakes, the warmongers want to amplify them by sending another American army into the heart of this regional war. Our foreign policy and the people running it are insane. And that’s no laughing matter.

  2. I never heard of HONY and even after visiting it, I have no idea why this video would be funny. But he’s cute and has great legs, so thanks for the post anyway.

    And thanks to whomever has made mens’ shorts short again. I was looking at some family photos from the 70s and 80s a few years ago, and mens shorts back then were practically obscene. I remember I stopped wearing them when I started riding a bike to college one summer and discovered my “junk” would be haning out for the world to see if I tried wearing boxers underneath. I don’t particularly like seeing old men or my dad in short shorts, but if that is the price to pay for seeing some nice thighs here and there, it’s well worth it. They can look pretty dorky, but nothing can be dorkier than kids today wearing shorts that would hang past their knees, but they are “sagging” so that the effect is more like saggy-ass culottes.

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