One thought on “Five questions about ISIS

  1. After ISIS is “defeated” there will be another flavor of the week. There are 70+ extremist groups operating in the Middles East today. To the question, “When will it end?” The answer is not until the US and the Western powers end their military intervention in that region. Here’s some good news that points to the fact that most of the major economic powers on earth couldn’t care less about ISIS or it’s successor(s). On Friday the Group of 20 (G-20) leading nations said that it was close to adding an extra $2 trillion dollars to the global economy and crating millions of new jobs. Although the stagnation in Europe (we all know who caused that) remained a major stumbling block. You may want to believe that it is not just a few people at the top who decide how things operate in the world, but the statements made by the G-20 should disabuse you of that belief. The Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome.

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