Protecting the homeland

Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove

Nothing I love like hearing my country described as “the homeland”! Not to mention, why would I believe anything my government tells me?

The US says some of its air strikes in Syria aimed to disrupt an imminent attack on the West by al-Qaeda veterans from the so-called Khorasan group.

The raids in Aleppo province came hours after the US, backed by Arab allies, launched the first air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria.

The Aleppo raids were carried out by the US alone, the US military said.

The Khorasan group was in “the final stages of plans to execute major attacks”, a US military spokesman said.

Lt Gen William Mayville, the Pentagon’s operations chief, said the group’s targets were “either in Europe or the homeland”.

3 thoughts on “Protecting the homeland

  1. It was Theodor Herzl (1896) (who sort of was a Dr. Strangelove character) and the Zionists who came up with the whole “homeland” mime. The Nazis stole the term and put it into wide use just to piss the Jews off. Then up it pops in the George W Bush regime with Dick Cheney. A fascists, is a fascist, is a fascist.

  2. Yes now we’re the Homeland…and we’ve even got our own Stasi and SS organizations! That would be the NSA and the local police.

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