Billion-dollar right wing bash

the Crusades were shameful, bloody, and tragic affairs

So much money working against us, but they still can’t stop us from voting:

Have you heard of “The Gathering,” a conference of extreme hard right Christian funders, which starts Thursday in Orlando FL?

“The Gathering,” an event put on by Washington’s shadowy hard rightwing “Church” known only as “THE FAMILY”/”THE FELLOWSHIP” (“THE FAMILY” also puts on the Presidents Prayer Breakfast every February in Washington DC); “THE FAMILY” brings together big names in Evangelical circles to advance a hard-right agenda:

destroy gay rights, destroy women’s right to reproductive decision-making, privatize public schools, Evangelize the world, attack opposing religions, and destroy public opinion about climate change

Attendees include the Green family from Hobby Lobby, the Cathy family from Chick-Fil-A, the Coors family, and David Brooks from the New York Times, among many others.

“The Gathering” espouses 7 Mountains Dominionism, aka New Apostolic Reformation theology, and funnels Billions of dollars every year into extreme hard right political candidates and “FAMILY”-friendly organizations to help infiltrate secular media.

3 thoughts on “Billion-dollar right wing bash

  1. Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud Party in Israel is one of the candidates that “The Gathering funnels” money to. It’s the whole Evangelical Christian Family/Fellowship vision of how the Apocalypse is suppose to work. But to be fair there is center-right group trying to raise “Billions of dollars” or at least a billion dollars to fill Hillary’s campaign coffers. In other words the oligarchy (1%) has thrown massive amounts of money at everybody except the Progressive Left? Why do you suppose that that is? 🙂

  2. Usury? In the form of “I scratch your back and you scratch mine?” That’s an interesting interpretation of the quid pro quo going on between the haves and the want to haves and the want to remain having. All boiled down it’s corruption of the spirit.

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