Plane crash? Let the wild speculation begin

See what I mean about election wild cards? I wonder who’s going to get those votes:

A libertarian candidate running in the Iowa Senate race has been killed in a small plane crash, according to the Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

Doug Butzier, a physician at a Dubuque-area hospital, was killed after crashing the plane near Key West, Iowa, according to the report.

He was one of four third-party candidates on the ballot in the closely-watched Iowa Senate race between Bruce Braley and Joni Ernst.

A recent Des Moines Register poll showed Braley with 46 percent to Ernst’s 47 percent. Three percent of respondents chose “someone else.”

3 thoughts on “Plane crash? Let the wild speculation begin

  1. If the Democrats don’t win the race in Iowa the US Senate is gone. Apparently the DSCC has pulled all of its ads and funding out of Kentucky as of noon today. Allison “I love coal” Grimes is toast. She was one really lousy candidate anyway. “Did you vote for Obama?” “How I voted is privileged information.” Riiiiiight .

  2. Libertarians generally, and libertarian physicians even more so, are likely to suffer from delusions of competence, where they think they can handle inter alia piloting chores in conditions they cannot.

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