14 people made more than the food stamp budget for 50 million people

Because they’re job creators and it’s God’s will, of course:

For the second year in a row, America’s richest 14 individuals made more from their annual investments than the $80 billion provided for people in need of food. Nearly half of the food-deprived are children. Perversely, the food stamp program was CUT because of a lack of federal funding.

In a testament to the inability — or unwillingness — of Congress to do anything about the incessant upward re-distribution of America’s wealth, the richest 14 Americans increased their wealth from $507 billion to $589 billion in ONE YEAR from their investment earnings. As stated by Forbes, “All together the 400 wealthiest Americans are worth a staggering $2.29 trillion, up $270 billion from a year ago.”

The Richest 14 Made Enough Money to Hire Two Million Pre-School Teachers or Emergency Medical Technicians

Billions of dollars of wealth, derived from years of American productivity, have been transferred to a few financially savvy and well-connected individuals who have spent a generation shaping trading rules and tax laws to their own advantage. It’s so inexplicably one-sided that the 2013 investment earnings of the richest 1% of Americans ($1.8 trillion) was more than the entire budget for Social Security ($860 billion), Medicare ($524 billion), and Medicaid ($304 billion).

Why Does So Little of Our National Wealth Go to Feed People or Provide Jobs?

The fruits of American productivity go to the richest Americans, who can afford to hold onto their fortunes, defer taxes indefinitely, and then pay a smaller capital gains rate when they eventually decide to cash in. Worse yet, they can stash their winnings overseas, tax-free. It is estimated that $7.6 trillion of personal wealth is hidden in tax havens. That means, stunningly, that $1 of every $12 of worldwide wealth is hidden in a haven.

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3 thoughts on “14 people made more than the food stamp budget for 50 million people

  1. When you live in an oligarchy this is what happens to the wealth of a nation. It goes into the hands of fewer and fewer people. Does anyone really care if Democrat Mary Landrieu wins her Senate seat again? Or Mark Pryor? Or Mark Begich? Honestly? These are the people on whose watch the 99% has been getting screwed. If the Republicans take back the Senate nothing will change. It takes only one Senator to put a hold on a bill or an appointee. “New boss same as the old boss.” Vote every incumbent out of office. Local, state and federal. Unless they sound like Sanders and Grayson (2016).

  2. It’s crazy how there’s people driving Benz and on food stamps…I’m a single mom in Texas and in need of food stamps and they denied my case..How is that? I need help feeding my kids but the state refuses to help..why why why…

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