Oh dear sweet Jesus

I will never, ever understand the way conservatives think, not in a million years:

Prosecutors in Charleston, South Carolina are arguing that the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law doesn’t apply in the case of domestic abuse victims who strike out against people they live with. You see, it’s for intruders, and it really wouldn’t be right to drag this statute into our “homes and personal relationships.”

3 thoughts on “Oh dear sweet Jesus

  1. “We need to get rid of BIG GOVERNMENT,” said the conservative politician on Sunday. “Why isn’t big government doing more to help us avoid the plague of Ebola,” asked the conservative politician on Wednesday. The problem is that conservatives only want big government when they want it. Not before. They believe that government is like tap water which can be turned on and off at will. Governments like corporations are required to have long and short term plans in place in order to succeed. In addition all conservatives are fearful by nature. Before they try the ‘new’ they want proof that the ‘new’ is better than the old. With such a mindset we would all still be watching the shadows on the wall. The Christ chose to escape the chains and color outside the box. His end was the calculated risk that every Leftist takes in trying to move forward. More or less.

  2. “We need the law for something,” (that rarely happens) said the Ammosexual. “But absolutely not for that thing” (that happens all the time. Cognitive dissonance does not even come close to describing these insane prix.

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