Out of gas


The plan to sell off our public utility is dead:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia City Council members are effectively killing the proposed sale of the city’s gas utility to a Connecticut firm.

The deal required City Council approval. But Council President Darrell Clarke says there was “no appetite” for the proposed $1.86 billion sale of Philadelphia Gas Works to UIL Holdings Corp.

Mayor Michael Nutter’s administration had no immediate comment.

Nutter said in March that the sale would inject $424 million into the city’s distressed pension fund, freezing rates for three years and maintaining low-income and senior discount programs while safeguarding pensions.

Union leaders and several environmental organizations opposed the idea.

Yeah, I’m not keen on the idea of selling off our public assets to pay our bills. Call me old-fashioned!

One thought on “Out of gas

  1. Michael Nutter is just one more politician who calls himself a Democrat and acts like a Republican. The worst offender on that list is pro-Wall Street Hillary. Warren keeps saying that “I’m not running for president” while she crisscrosses the country stumping for Democratic candidates. Warren is being very honest about the fact that she’s not running for president today. But come January she may very well be running. Elizabeth Warren, unlike Hillary, is an honest to God Democrat.

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