Last-minute smear

Scott Walker must really be desperate:

Two former high-level executives of Trek Bicycle claim that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke was forced out as head of European operations for her family’s business 21 years ago — an allegation that Burke and the company denied, labeling it a last-minute smear campaign.

“I’m not saying she was incompetent,” said Tom Albers, former Trek chief operating officer who left the company in 1997. “Maybe this job was too big for her.”

Burke and Trek Bicycle called the claims outrageous, pointing out that the statements are being made by former Trek employees who had to leave the company, are both conservative and are airing them just six days out from Tuesday’s tight election.


The person behind the accusations is Gary Ellerman, who was fired from Trek and is currently the chairman of the Jefferson County (Wisconsin) Republican Party. Ellerman is also known for running as a “fake Democrat” in a 2012 Wisconsin State Senate race. Tom Albers, also fired from Trek, later supported some of Ellerman’s accusations when interviewed.

One thought on “Last-minute smear

  1. In a well respected poll out of Wisconsin released yesterday Walker is beating Burke by 6 points (47-41). Burke had better have a real solid ground game going forward or she will be defeated. If Scott wins reelection than it would appear that the people of Wisconsin like their winning politicians to be corrupt, liars who are bent on crushing them economically. Then again maybe something else is going on here? There may be some systemic problem with how the votes are tallied. Is it actually possible that more than 50% of Wisconsin voters want to return Scott to office? Or Brownback? Or any incumbent?

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