3 thoughts on “I agree with Joe Biden

  1. I so hope you’re right. I’ve been out canvassing my precinct for weeks and in recent days I’ve been chasing down the slow voters who haven’t mailed their ballots yet. This year, I encountered more hostility on people’s doorsteps than I’ve ever seen in the past, and most of it was from Republicans who didn’t want me to talk to the Democrat (usually a woman) who lives in the same house.
    Also, what I’ve seen reported elsewhere seems to be true in this Colorado precinct too — a lot of registered Dems between 18 and 25 just aren’t bothering to send their ballots in.

  2. I disagree with Joe Biden. The Democrats are done. In two years from now the Republicans will be done. Then maybe “we the people” can get something done.

  3. Well I guess Joe will always have a seat with the political prognositcators if he wants it. Susie… not so much.
    It sucks to say hello to Majority Leader McConnell, but looking on the bright side, we can say goodbye to worthless lump of shit Majority Leader Reid. I guess it would be too much to hope for the double yellow striped centrists Harry and Nancy and Steny and Debbie to be shown the door out of leadership positions.
    And also, hello to the government shut down in December. I suppose Obama will sign on to whatever extremist demands the R’s make of him in the budgets for the next 2.75 years, but I’m guessing he will extract some political theatre from the situation before he gives them what they all wanted anyway.

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