Joni Ernst is even worse than Michelle Bachmann

Joni Ernst

And it looks like she’s going to win. Thirty percent of her supporters will vote for her because it is “a step toward repealing Obamacare.” How extreme is she? She voted to make abortion illegal for women with ectopic pregnancies — which would kill them.

The poll attributed Ernst’s boost to voters viewing her as strong on national security issues, and being better able to address Social Security, government gridlock. The survey also found that voters see Ernst as better reflecting Iowa values. “She’s more of a regular, down-to-earth person,” the paper wrote.

Earlier on Saturday, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid warned Democrats that they couldn’t afford to lose Iowa, as it would hand Republicans control of the upper chamber. “If we win Iowa, we’re going to do just fine,” he said. “Iowa is critical. There’s no other way to say it.” He also criticized Ernst as extreme. “Think of what that would mean for our country,” he said of her potential win.

The race to fill the seat of outgoing Sen. Tom Harkin (D) has been one of the most competitive of the election year. Earlier polls showed the two neck-and-neck. But fear has grown among Democrats that the party would lose Iowa, one of the key battlegrounds in the election.

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2 thoughts on “Joni Ernst is even worse than Michelle Bachmann

  1. When you enter the voting booth tomorrow and then blacken the oval or pull the lever for the incumbent, you’ll be doing exactly what the 1% expects you to do. The devil you know is better then the devil you don’t know, right? It’s no accident that the incumbents always have the most money to spend on getting reelected. Incumbents are proven commodities. Good little girls and boys the 1% can count on. The 1% will spend $1 billion dollars in accountable money and $4 billion dollars in dark money on this campaign. Clearly the incumbents have been working for the interests of the 1%. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor tomorrow and tip over the apple cart. Vote against ‘every’ incumbent. Ernst will win and the Senate will go Republican anyway.

  2. When you vote, depending on the state you reside, you will notice that the Republican candidates have replaced their elephant with a U.S. flag while the Democrats still cling to their donkey. Maybe the Republicans want unspecting voters to think that only the party that uses the U.S. flag instead of an animal as its symbol is more patriotic than the party that still sticks with animals for its symbol.

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