One thought on “Gov. Rick Scott

  1. Charlie Crist looked like he might be pulling away from Scott until last Friday. Then Bill Clinton showed up for a weekend visit. The result was a smiling Rick Scott who still can’t believe his luck. In almost every state that the Clinton’s campaigned in the Democrat lost. Even in the states where the Democrat won their margin of victory was less than it would have been had the Clinton’s not come to town. Florida’s marijuana initiative failed. However more then 50% of the voters in every Florida county voted for the amendment. Unfortunately it required a 60% approval rate to become law and it failed 58% ‘for’ and 42% ‘against’. But here is the insanity of the night: 80% of the nations voters said that they disapproved of the job congress was doing. Yet 96% of the incumbents were returned to congress. WTF???

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