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BLITZER: Let me just ask you, I want to get your quick reaction to what we heard from speaker of the House, John Boehner. He was very blunt. He said if the president goes ahead and, through executive action, unilaterally, without going through Congress, tries to change the status of illegal immigrants here in the United States, that will be very dangerous, he’ll poison the well. And it’s as simple as that. He says the president better not even think about doing that. Your reaction?

SANDERS: Well, my reaction is the people of this country overwhelmingly want to see the minimum wage raised. Is the Republican Party going to do what the American people want? The American people do not want more tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporations. Is the Republican Party going to poison the well by going forward, at a time of massive wealth and income equality, giving more tax breaks to people who don’t need the tax breaks? Boehner is talking about a political attack on the president.

BLITZER: Will you support the president if he goes around Congress and takes that executive action to change the status of illegal immigrants?

SANDERS: Look, what I support is Congress and the president doing everything they can to address the serious problems facing the American people. Immigration is one of those issues. In the Senate, we passed a bipartisan bill. The House did nothing. Let’s do something together. That’s the preferable route. Most importantly, let’s not turn our backs on the middle class of this country and ignore the enormous economic problems they are facing. Let’s not simply work for the rich and big campaign contributors who control the United States Congress. If we can do that and respond to the needs and the pain of the American people, you know what, I think you’ll suddenly find that Congress is regarded more favorably than is currently the case.

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  1. Here’s something Obama did today that Bernie would never do. Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder. Lynch is a Havard law grad whose first job was with the Cahill Gordon & Reindel law firm. When Mitch McConnell brought the Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission case to court he hired Cahill Gordon & Reindel as his attorneys. Of course we all know who won that case, the 1%, and who lost, the 99%. Bill Clinton appointed her to be a US Attorney in New York and so did Obama. She prosecuted Wall Street bad actors and just like Holder settled with them for money instead of sending the “evil doers” to jail. All in all a lousy nominee.

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