2 thoughts on “In Honor of Veterans Day…

  1. We veterans are created by failed diplomacy. John McCain is dead set against a nuclear deal with Iran. Netanyahu is dead set against a nuclear deal with Iran. It’s safe to say that the neo-con/Zionists are dead set against a nuclear deal with Iran. For political reasons. These interventionist warmongers would rather create thousands more veterans with missing limbs and mental problems then pursue a path toward peace. For political reasons. The majority of us vets are anti-war. For good reason. McCain, Netanyahu and the people who support them are lunatics. How many Chinese combat troops are stationed in the Middle East? Or anywhere else in the world for that matter? Happy Veterans Day to my comrades.

  2. Yep, we sure do honor the hell out of our vets, don’t we! So long as you’re dead, disabled, or mentally fucked up this country honors the hell out of you! But, don’t come back to this country after going to war and you’re in one piece—————————–then you’re labeled a coward or a pussy. Take Kerry, for example when he ran for prez……………..

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