Will Mark Udall release the CIA torture report?

Fellows at the Mark Udall rally

I sure hope so. And I hope they don’t kill him first:

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Mark Udall has seven weeks left in office, but the Colorado Democrat isn’t prepared to go quietly — especially when it comes to the twin issues of CIA torture and government snooping.

In his first interview since Election Day, Udall told The Denver Post that he would “keep all options on the table,” including a rarely-used right given to federal lawmakers, to publicize a secret report about the harsh interrogation techniques used by CIA agents in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

He also vowed to make one final push to curb the National Security Agency and its power to gather information on ordinary Americans.

“Trying to run out the clock … is not an option,” Udall said Thursday of the long-hidden CIA report. “The truth will come out.”

Udall’s pledge to make a last stand comes amid a chorus of pleas from media outlets and civil libertarians.

Mere hours after Udall lost his re-election bid to Republican Cory Gardner, one columnist with The Guardian newspaper — the British publication made famous in the U.S. for its coverage of the Edward Snowden-NSA affair — urged Udall to ” go out with a bang” and make public the CIA torture report.

For months, members of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which includes Udall, have feuded with the administration over the release of the committee’s own review of CIA tactics following al-Qaeda’s strikes on New York City and the Pentagon.

3 thoughts on “Will Mark Udall release the CIA torture report?

  1. “Go out with a bang is exactly what the intelligence community has in mind for Mr. Udall. They’ve already seen to it that he lost his senate seat. Now they intend to throw him into poverty and honor him with persona non grata status for the remainder of his life. Keep in mind that over 100 witness to the JFK assassination died within three years of that event. Many of them under mysterious circumstances. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, then are dreamt in your philosophy.”

  2. No. Just like Wyden, they love to wring their hands in public, and silently mouth “something is wrong”, but they are both waiting for someone else to take the fall, and then they will follow the crowd if the crowd ever decides to go on that direction (which, btw, won’t happen. Americans don’t know or don’t seem to care much. We already know they are spying on everyone, everywhere, and the law and the constitution don’t matter. And there is no outrage, as long as they keep their hands off the 2nd amendment)

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