This is what we get when we run (and fund) previously public institutions as for-profit entities:

Out of California’s years-long litigation over reducing the population of prisons deemed unconstitutionally overcrowded by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010, another obstacle to addressing the U.S. epidemic of mass incarceration has emerged: The utility of cheap prison labor.

In recent filings, lawyers for the state have resisted court orders that they expand parole programs, reasoning not that releasing inmates early is logistically impossible or would threaten public safety, but instead that prisons won’t have enough minimum security inmates left to perform inmate jobs.

The debate culminated Friday, when a three-judge federal panel ordered California to expand an early parole program. California now has no choice but to broaden a program known as 2-for-1 credits that gives inmates who meet certain milestones the opportunity to have their sentences reduced. But California’s objections raise troubling questions about whether prison labor creates perverse incentives to keep inmates in prison even when they don’t need to be there.

One thought on “Profit!

  1. Senator (hopefully not for too much longer) Mary Landrieu is another capitalist, Blue Dog, profiteer in the pocket of Big Oil and Big Chemical. She is one vote shy of the 60 votes needed to prevent a filibuster on the Keystone XL pipeline bill in the senate. That means that 14 traitorous Democrats are going to vote for this disastrous pipeline. They are Landrieu, Begich and Pryor (defeated two weeks ago), Casey (Pa), Durbin (Ill), Benet (Colo), Carper (Del), Donnelly (In), McCASKILL (Mo), Walsh (Mont), Hietkamp (N.D.), Warner (Va) Manchin (W.V.) and of course our new fearless leader John Tester of Montana. They should all be voted out of office or at the very least condemned for being Republicans. God damn Clintonite Blue Dogs.

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