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Painfully stupid and venal, considering this is the state at immediate risk of being underwater. Oh well!

TALLAHASSEE — State regulators on Tuesday approved proposals to gut Florida’s energy-efficiency goals by more than 90 percent and to terminate solar rebate programs by the end of 2015, giving the investor-owned utilities virtually everything they wanted.

After almost two hours of debate, members of the state Public Service Commission voted 3-2 in support of staff recommendations that backed the proposals of Duke Energy Florida, Tampa Electric and Florida Power & Light.

The two dissenters, Commissioners Lisa Edgar and Julie Brown, said they could not agree with a plan that so drastically altered state energy policy.

“It’s not the direction I want to go in,” Edgar said before the vote. “I am uncomfortable going to the reduced goals. It is a policy and it is a statement, as a state, of what our energy policies are.”

Brown said although energy efficiency and solar programs have costs, the state needs to balance all its needs.

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  1. Florida is a very interesting state where laws are passed and never enforced. Duke Energy, Tampa Electric and Florida Power contributed lots of money to get Gov. Scott reelected. So Scott’s handpicked Public Utilities Commission did him this favor to keep him in the good graces of his campaign contributors. He asked and they complied. But all of this means nothing. Some people will now be sued while others will be charged with crimes. Then the legislature will ride in on a white horse to sort the whole mess out. In the end a constitutional ballot measure will be voted on and passed by the people. That amendment to the states constitution will be promptly ignored by the legislature as always happens. The only place in Florida where anything ever gets done is on the local level. That’s where all the power lies in the Sunshine State.

  2. Four inches of water, four inches of sea level rise, and Florida will begin washing away from the inside out. I don’t have a problem with that, in fact cheer it on. The problem I have is that all those sub-human assholes will move here.

  3. We could always fence the border. Rethugs like that kind of stuff.

    Makes Miami-Dade wanting to secede from the state understandable, huh?

  4. I have long Been an advocate for a wall… from Eureka California to Eureka Montana. Ain’t nuthin’ east of The Rockies we need.

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