3 thoughts on “Grand jury docs: Darren Wilson told his sergeant that Mike Brown’s ‘hands were up’

  1. He also forgot that Officer Wilson was the defendant he was supposed to be prosecuting, not defending and raising doubts about his guilt.

  2. So, not only is he an inexperienced trigger-happy racist cop out to bag himself a n*gger, but a fucking liar as well. Color me surprised.

    To call it (yes, “it”, it isn’t human, it is less than human) Barney Fife is a dis-service to an incredibly talented comedian.

  3. Every one of the 700,000 cops currently on duty in the United States should be required to undergo a full week of sensitivity training. Any police force with either an armored personnel carrier or a tank should be made to give said vehicles back to the US military. All rocket launchers, missiles, armor piercing bullets and any other military surplus armaments should be confiscated. Cops should be cops. They should not be the armed guards of the corporations and the oligarchy.

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